cropped-mij.pngSergio Rangel Penzo is communication interactive branding  mix media art.
We manage communication content along new ways that a constantly evolving market suggests, with intelligent consumers that love brands.

We strongly believe in the capability of surprise by breaking down schemes and generating new dialogs. That is why we implement rational communicative structures that allow us to get to the consumer in his environment, and become part of his urban tribe.

We do not perform marketing surveys, we introduce ourselves in them. We do not split apart the concept in the media, but generate a global strategy that presents our clients with a true story.

We are aware that it is a difficult process, though a passionate one because we have the capacity to adapt ourselves to each project to generate the necessary recall. That is the reason why we believe in the integration of physical or virtual platforms and in rational semantics to get to it. We are neither a web site factory, nor an enterprise that manages online content. We offer an entrance door for our client to be able to walk in the Internet in a real time structure, and with a philosophy that states that e-businesses are real.

We are a multidisciplinary structure with an operative presence in Barcelona, New York, Caracas, Sao Paulo and Brussels. Our clients belong to a global world and because of that, the Internet is our home.

We do not believe in borders or limits. We understand that the advertising language is changing from this century on, and that makes us sensitive to this reality as part as our contribution to the new interactive advertising we are creating.

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Study Belgium:
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9470 Denderleeuw | Belgium
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